Pre Campaign Instructions

Well Met Friends!

The new campaign is planned to start on Sunday January 10th. I would like to start a little earlier than 5 if possible since its the first one. I’ll get pizza. Let me know your availabilities for that day. I would like to meet with all of you individually for about 2 hours to get your initial character off the ground and into the story so we can hit the ground running on 1/10.

I am going to be holding a competition with your backstories. Your backstories must answer the questions below and include an image of your character (I don’t care if its stolen from online but you MUST provide one). The prize will be the Players Handbook Holiday Pack (the PHB1 and PHB2). If you already have a PHB, you can specify the book you would like.

The best source for information about Eberron will be Eberron Wiki. A brief history of Eberron to get you guys started:

1000 years ago the great king Galifar swept across the continent of Khorvaire and created a mighty kingdom. This kingdom was broken into five provinces, one for each of his children. Peace lasted for 900 years until king Jarot died. The five nations could not agree on a new successor and rejected the current heir. The Last War begins. The Last War rages across Khorvaire for 100 years, spanning new nations from the lands of the five. In 994YK a horrible catastrophe rends the lands of Cyre (one of the five) leaving the ground nothing but ash and the air filled with a horrible mist. This event is called the Mourning killed most of the population of Cyre and left the land uninhabitable. Fear of another Mourning the nations of Khorvaire meet in the city of Thronehold to sign a treaty, ending the war. The treaty recognized 12 nations and set provisions for peace. It has been almost 2 years since the signing of the treaty, it is now 998 YK.

The questions that need to be answered in your backstories are:

  1. What were you doing during the last war? Did you fight in it?
  2. Do you have a dragonmark? If so, what mark is it? You will need to consult with me or the Eberron Players guide to see the marks available. (Dragonmarks are symbols of the Draconic prophecy written on the flesh of men. These marks have lead to the creations of 12 Houses that control much of Khorvaire’s economy.)
  3. What is your character’s “family” like? How did they influence your character today?
  4. What is your character afraid of?
  5. What is the your character’s most proud moment?
  6. What are your character’s short term goals and what is your character doing to accomplish them?
  7. Your character is an adventurer, what brought him to this life and what does he hope to accomplish from it?
  8. What color does your character favor? Why?
  9. How many siblings does your character have, and what are their names and professions?
  10. What circumstances does your family spring from? Wealth? Nobility? Fame? Poverty? Trade? Guild?
  11. What was your character’s favorite place growing up? If you don’t know anywhere specific, describe what it was like.
  12. Where does your character go to get away?
  13. What is your character’s personality like? Is he rash, contemplative, impetuous or serene? Try and tie your personality into your goals and adventuring style.

These questions do not have to be answered in any specific order or format. You can write your background any way you like, a diary, a biography, a story, etc.

You have all been invited to the campaign on Obsidian Portal. The wiki on there will be used to track game info and progress. Please posts your stories to the Wiki.

The deadline for the backgrounds is 12/7.

Thanks guys very much for starting a new campaign with me. I am really looking forward to playing and hope you all are as well.

Sovereigns Keep You,


Pre Campaign Instructions

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