Character Points

Role Playing your character is an important aspect of playing the game. Your character’s personality is up to you, so you should be able to find one you can emulate (even if it’s like yourself). Experience points directly relate to combat success and combat ability, I felt giving out XP for good roleplaying wasn’t appropriate. This is especially true because I can’t take away (and don’t want to) XP for bad roleplaying or meta gaming.

You should be able to earn one character point per session simply by playing to your characters personality. It is possible to earn one or two more per session by doing an excellent job role playing, adding dramatic elements to the story through your character and generally impressing the players and myself. You can lose character points by meta gaming and being a dick or a crazy rules lawyer. Its good to point out that I made a mistake with the rules as long as you point it out, show the supporting text, and don’t be an ass.

I will be keeping track of your character point totals and will let you know how many you have at the end of each session. You are always welcome to ask me how many you have. I will only award character points at the end of the session and I will let you know how many you gain. I can take them away whenever I want and I probably won’t tell you.

I would like to update these rules as we go to make sure we have fair and balance game play, your input is greatly appreciated.

Encounter Power: Use Character Points Free Action Once per encounter (or every five minutes outside of one) you can spend your character points. The trade in value for character points for in game effects is below.

Character Points Table

+6 Auto 20
+4 Reroll
+2 Extra Standard Action
0 None
-1 Enemy Gains Action Point
-2 Enemy Reroll
-3 Enemy Auto 20

Thanks to crbowker for helping me with the initial bad stuff.

Character Points

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