Atlas Jones


Atlas was born in Korth. Until the age of 10 he lived the normal life of any human. Days spent at regular school, weekends playing in the nearby forest of Nightwood.

It was at the age of 10, on a hot summer afternoon he headed to the area of the forest he traveled most. Upon arrive however, there were many men there. Cutting down and burning “his section” of the forest. In a panic he ran up to them screaming. In an incomprehensible slur of words he assailed the closest man to him.

Quickly he was thrown to the ground in disgust. Knocking his head upon a stone, he was still conscious but unable to move. From here he watched as the men tore down the forest. As they found any small creatures they would simply break their necks and throw them into a pile. The larger animals were simply pelted with arrows and dragged to the same pile. For hours he wanted this happen, until his section of the forest was little more than smoking stumps.

Hours after the men had left he managed to compose himself and travel home. His father began beating him as soon as he got into the door for being home so late.

They argued. Atlas did not know why these men would do such a thing. Apparently there had been a wolf that killed a small girl, and a party was gathered to kill the wolf. Destroying the forest was the best option to scare the wolf into the open.

His father dragged him off to his room, locking the door behind him. He was punished for what he had done that day.

By the time morning had come, Atlas was so far gone that he would never fulfill his punishment. He ran. And ran.

For the next several years he stayed fairly close to the central towns and cities of Karrnath and Aundair. This time is much of a haze for Atlas. Though he knows the area well, the living experiences he had had been so harsh he doesn’t remember very much.

Somewhere around his 17th year he managed to stow away on a train to Krona Peak in the Ironroot Mountains. There he learned from the dwarves. Though he never came in contact with them he watched the dwarf fighting techniques. He learned of their powerful war tactics. He also learned how to speak their language. It came quite easy for him. From there he went south to Valenar, where he learned how to converse with the elves. By this time he had learned much of the outdoors and had been able to make a little money as a trapper. He never took more than a few animals, and always respected the environment he was in. The land, he felt, was sacred to him.

Through there he managed to be hired on as a deckhand for an elemental boat. He worked the boat and kept it clean to pay for part of his journey south of the Mournland. Finally stopping in Rhukaan Draal he made his departure. There he made his way through the Seawall Mountains. While there he managed to run across a half-giant. Even to Atlas this was strange. He made camp with this fellow for some time. After a month however, Atlas felt antsy and departed.

From there he headed through the center of Breland, at this point in his journey he found that he could manipulate the elements around him. He wasn’t quite sure how this began. But a terrible nightmare of his childhood happened one night; A nightmare of a forest burning. When he woke in terror, he saw that small pebbles and dirt had risen around him. They lingered in the air for a few moments and as he calmed from the terror, they began to fall to the ground.

He didn’t understand this initially. Until a few days later he ran across two boys slaughtering a rabbit. They were chasing the rabbit around and hitting it with sticks. His anger and rage built up inside him again. He wanted nothing more than the boys to stop! As he ran toward them they immediately looked at him in fear, frozen in their tracks. He stopped close to them, and as he did, the boys froze in place. He looked down at his hands to see that they were covered in ice. Turning his head back he saw that his trail was thawing from the direction he had come. Somehow, his craving for the boys to stop the abuse to this small creature caused him to turn to ice and freeze them in place.

After this he hurried north to the Whitehorn wood. He spent several months in isolation there. Daily, he practiced recalling these terrible things. With every passing day, these abilities grew easier and easier to control. After six months he had full control over these powers.

From there he headed north past Sylbaran to the Eldeen reaches. Shortly after being in this ancient and wonderful forest he met with a druid. This druid taught him many things: languages, skills, how to survive in the harsh world around him. They were companions for almost two years when the druid told the man there was no more he could teach him and departed.

Since then Atlas has wandered the Eldeed Reaches, protecting the forest from those who would bring harm to it.


I like bunnies and small little cute moles.

Atlas Jones

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