How The Mighty Fall

February 7th

A Storm is Brewing: Welcome to Sharn

The group arrives via airship to find trouble immediately when they got to Lyrandar Tower. They found an airship exploded and another one on fire.

Using his superior intellect and exceptional leadership skills, Morgan snapped into action, directing his team to assist those in need on the airship while he helped get the civilians to safety. His team saved Lady Elizabeth ir’Vanderhouse and her daughter, Abigale, from the burning airship. The apparent sabatour dove off the tower before he could be questioned, but not before getting a bolt in the back by Morgan’s hand crossbow. Atlas grabed a box on board the airship before he left.

Morgan and Mathas returned to the scene and Morgan spoke with the chief investigator of the city watch, who mentioned a possible link to a group called the Storm, believed to be linked with House Tarkanan.

Lady ir’Vanderhouse was so appreciative, she offered to host the team at her estate to which they accepted. She was clearly taken in by Morgan’s charms. Late that night, Morgan and Mathas had a private conversation.

The next day Morgan and Mathas met with Evix ir’Marasha regarding the disappearance of her daughter Julia. The pair then followed a path of investigation into the lower levels.



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